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Bankruptcy is Nothing to Be Ashamed Of

Written by Lara M. Gardner

Many people feel ashamed about having to file for bankruptcy. There is a stigma attached to it. People feel like they must have done something wrong to end up in this place.

Yet there are so many contributing factors that lead to financial troubles, and many of these factors are out of your control. Yes, a person probably could have made some different choices, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they would not have ended up in the same place.

Society does not provide safety nets for job loss, divorce, medical issues, or unemployment. What could you have done differently when your company is downsized and the jobs shipped overseas? Should you have known your company wasn’t going to keep you? Or someone hits you in an auto accident and drives away. Should you have predicted that this would happen?

The only way to avoid most of what life throws at you is not to live. There has to be a way out of situations that seem to back you into a corner, and bankruptcy is one of the few steps you can take to get that fresh start.

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